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Welcome to Taunton Youth FC Community Trust - Juniors Section

At TYFCCT Juniors we are passionate about increased participation, and allowing ALL children to enjoy the beautiful game!

The Juniors section of Taunton Youth FC Community Trust is a Football Development Centre in Taunton. The Juniors is run in line with the Football Associations four corner model. We have range of experienced coaches, all passionate and committed to providing the best experience and environment for the young players to flourish. Head of Football, Ian Thompson, who holds the UEFA 'A' License badge manages the Juniors, and we have four coaches holding their UEFA 'B' License. 

We encourage the players to develop their individual skills and focus on keeping possession of the ball; whilst embracing mistakes made when they attempt to do so. ALL players are encouraged to improve their techniques, skills and game understanding in a programme of age appropriate coaching.

Youth development is a very individual thing; where some players take in information quickly and are able to translate this into practice, others need more time. We realise the need to show patience to ALL players wherever they are in their development - it's a long process.

A fun learning environment created by players, coaches and parents is central to what we do. We encourage them to be the best they can be and express themselves. Ball mastery is a huge part of their growth as a footballer, being comfortable with a ball at their feet is crucial and we spend a lot of time mastering skills and ball control. We minimise the fear factor and allow players to feel confident and relaxed at all times - we believe this has a massive part to play in them realising their potential.


The Four Corners

Taunton Youth FC Community Trust - Juniors, works along the FA guidelines using the 4 corner model.

The 4 corner model for player development outlines the range of influencing factors which may need to be addressed as a young player grows and develops in the game. Using the 4 corners will enable us to help them reach their full potential. Each of the corners is connected and relies on support from the other 3 areas.

The corners are Technical, Physical, Psychological and social.All our sessions start with a Technique practice which is unopposed, this flows into an opposed Skill practice followed by a small sided game where the new techniques they’ve learnt can be developed in game situations.

These sessions will include

  • Attacking techniques and skills
  • Defending techniques and skills
  • Passing and receiving
  • Creativity
  • Anticipation
  • Decision making
  • Team role

Sessions Times

Monday 5.30 - 7pm School Year Reception - Year 7 & Girls Only

Please contact us for a free taster session.

Current Sessions

Autumn Term 2022 - Second Half

Juniors training returns after the Summer break commencing Monday 31st October for 7 weeks. Located on Bishop Fox's astro, sessions start at 5.30pm and finish at 6.50pm to allow the area to be clear for the next booking at 7.00pm. 

1 discounted session due to Queens Funeral Bank Holiday

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Christmas Camps

Where: Bishop Fox's School, Taunton

We will be operating our popular camps again over the 2022 Xmas Holiday period:
Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th December from 9am until 3.30pm giving a great day of football.
All holiday camp enquiries to Gary Green - 
Mobile: 07584 677420
Or email juniors@tauntontown.com

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